A Detailed Guide on Various Football Bets

As it is easily the most popular and regularly followed sport in the entire world, accepting bets on football games has always been a major priority for all bookmakers such as Bet365, Ladbrokes, William Hill etc. If we talk about the top football fixtures in a calendar year, some of the most popular betting portals like Bet365 in the UK provide over 200 betting options on the game of football.
Normally, these bets are applicable only to the normal playing time, which is 90 minutes and the added time, unless stated otherwise on the portal. Let’s go through a detailed guide on football betting and understand various types of bets you can place on this game, right from betting on the final results to whether the corners scored in a game would be an even or an odd number!
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Various kinds of football bets offered by bookmakers
All major sports betting websites design their football bets almost the same way. The idea is to make it easier for sports bettors to place their bets. The list of betting options available in every football game normally starts with the ones where punters can easily score money. Following are some of the popular football bets:

1 x 2 bets
This is the most commonly indulged in and the easiest to understand football bet. It involves correctly predicting the full-time result of a football game.
Example: Crystal Palace is up against Chelsea in a Premier league game. You have a choice of either backing the Eagles to score a win (at 15/2) or The Blues to emerge as winners (at 2/5) or both teams to share points (at 7/2). Eventually, your prediction has to be correct in order to win the bet.

Double chance bets
As in case of 1 x 2 bets, you are free to decide from the three selections listed above, however, the probability of the outcome is much larger. Obviously, the odds are also lowered accordingly and significantly. Why so? Because different outcomes get grouped in couples.
Example: Norwich City hosts Everton in an English Premier league fixture. You’re not too sure about the possible outcome and hence you seek assurance. Double chance bets can be your ideal pick in this regard: Norwich and draw (1/6); Everton and draw (5/4) and Norwich and Everton (2/9).

Draw no bet
This is a type of football bet wherein you eliminate the possibility of a draw from the availed selections. In case the concerned game ends without any winner, you will be returned your bet amount.
Example: Leicester City is hosting Manchester City and the odds available for the Draw no bet are: Leicester City (1/6) and Manchester City (4/1). In the event that this game ends up in a draw, the online casino or bookmaker that you’ve placed your bet with, will refund your bet amount.

Correct score
As you may have guessed already, these bets are about making score predictions for the football games. There’s quite a lot of fun involved in these bets as everyone in UK has an opinion about the expected score. Visit any online casino bookmaker and you’ll be inundated with ample options. You’re even allowed to send them a request if you’re unable to find the score you are interested in.
Example: Arsenal is up against Real Madrid in the UEFA Champions League and you have a gut feeling that the former will win 1 – 0. This score line was in fact their trademark during the 90s, when they used to be priced 1/6, however, in the modern days, you’re most likely to get odds in the vicinity of 6/1.

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Both teams to score
Also referred to as BTTS, Both Teams to Score is another highly popular football bet that’s also employed as a base for several other promotional activities. You need to make a selection between a ‘Yes’ and a ‘No’ to place this bet. These bets involve predicting if both the sides will be able to score at least one goal before the end of the game or not.
Example: Sunderland is up against Southampton and you decide to place a BTTS – No bet at odds of 11/10. What this implies is that you’ll earn a return only and only if the game’s final score line has at least one 0 in it. Hence, even a goalless draw would qualify as a winning bet. In case you had opted for BTTS – Yes, you’d win the bet if both sides score at least one goal.

Asian handicap / Alt HC / Handicaps
When we talk about handicap bets in the field of football, it means an advantage that’s provided to either of the sides before the match, which is then applied to the game’s final result. In majority of handicap football bets, the handicap value is 1. However, you can always find alternative values if you’re betting at an online casino.
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Example of these bet types: If you are 100% sure that Chelsea will get the better of Sunderland in their upcoming Premier league match, but the offered price of 4/6 seems quite low to you, you can go ahead and back Chelsea at -1 handicap, which is being offered at comparatively better 8/5 odds. Following three scenarios may emerge after the game and force the application of this handicap:
1. Chelsea wins by a margin of 2 goals or higher. The application of handicap results in a Chelsea win. Hence you win your bet.
2. Chelsea wins by exactly 1 goal. The application of handicap leads to a draw, and hence you lose the bet.
3. The game finishes in a draw, or Sunderland scores a win. The application of handicap results in a win for Sunderland. You lose the bet.

About Asian handicap
This type of handicap also gives an advantage to either of the teams before the start of the game, however, in this case, the possibility of a draw is excluded from the result. Another way in which Asian handicap differs from the regular handicap is that it can comprise of 2 values - one half number and one whole number.
Example: Newcastle United is hosting West Ham United and you place a £ 3 bet on West Ham with the Asian handicap of -1.0, -1.5 at evens. Following is how things pan out:
1. West Ham United win by a margin of 2 goals or higher. Your selection wins and you’re paid out in full for your bet.
2. West Ham United wins by a margin of 1 goal. Your selection still wins, but you’re paid only half of the full payout amount.
3. The match ends up in a draw or a win for Newcastle United. You lose your bet.

Whether it’s a stunning 30-yard free kick or a quiet tap-in, a goal is a goal! The amazing sight of a football finding the back of the net can make millions jump up in joy, sometimes even getting reduced to tears in homes, pubs and stadiums. You’ll find a mention of that goal on the back page of the next day’s newspaper. Goals are played back over and over again in the highlights section on television. They are exactly what brings so much excitement to the game of football.
Let’s find out how you can double up the thrill and excitement of goals by betting on them at your favourite online casino.

Do you recall the time when Ruud van Nistelrooy had scored for Manchester United in 10 consecutive EPL games in the 2003 season? A good number of punters had made fortunes on that streak. In fact, the all-time record in this regard is still held by the Everton legend Dixie Dean who had scored in 12 consecutive Division II football matches in the 1930–31 season. We doubt that bookmakers had accepted bets on the goalscorers market in that season. However, visit any offline / online casino in the present day and you’ll be inundated with the large number of goalscorer betting options.
Bookmakers offer odds on almost every outfield player, backing him to score the opening goal or the last one in the game. As is expected, strikers get the shortest odds, however, there’s always a chance of hitting it big time by backing some of the best defenders in the business. Please keep in mind that own goals aren’t counted for these bets.
Many bookmakers apply the commonly known each way rule to their respective first goalscorer bets, therefore, there are always some consolation prizes for the taking if your favourite player fails to score the first goal, but nevertheless scores later. In case you’re confident about him scoring 2 or more goals or 3 or more goals in the game, with the offered odds being really good, there’s no one holding you back from placing a bet on that possibility.
Example: Let’s say you back Wayne Rooney to score the first goal for Manchester United at odds of 12/1. Following can happen:
1. The star midfielder indeed gets the first goal for MU. Your selection wins.
2. Ibrahimovich scores the first goal, but Rooney finds the net next, doubling up the Manchester United’s lead after 10 minutes. Bringing the each-way rule into play, you’ll get awarded a certain pre-decided fraction of the winning odds, for instance 3/1.
3. It turns out to be an overall disappointing game for Rooney and he doesn’t find the net at all. You lose your bet.

Live / Method / Time/ Next Goalscorer
If you indulge in live betting on football games, you can always place bets which are strictly associated with the next goal. The players you can bet on maybe strictly the ones that are currently on the pitch and the corresponding odds may be influenced based on the specific circumstances at that point of time in the game.
You can also place live bets on some other important attributes of the next goal. The primary one among them is the way that goal will be scored. You can avail such bets at almost every online casino, for instance Bet365, where you can place a wager whether that goal will be scored through a header, a penalty shot or a free kick. The timing of the next goal normally covers a certain number of minutes that may vary from bookmaker to bookmaker.
Example: We place a £ 5 bet on 2 different possibilities: 1. That the next goal will be scored through a header and 2. That this next goal will happen within the next 60 minutes.
1. Soon you see Ibrahimovich towering over the opponent players and heading home a goal after 10 minutes. Both your bets are winners.
2. The star forward of the opponent team converts the last-minute penalty. You lose both your bets.


Goal bands
This football bet involves the total number of goals scored in a match. It may apply to the entire game, either of the halves, both sides or just one team. The normal grouping is 4-5, 6+, 2-3, 0-1.
Example: You’re dead sure that the next match between Real Madrid and Barcelona will produce a total of 6 to 7 goals. This is how things pan out:
1. The full-time result of the game is Real Madrid 4 – Barcelona 3. You win the bet.
2. Barcelona beat Real Madrid and the score line reads 2 – 1. You lose your bet.

Wincast / Scorecast
These football bets are ideal for punters who loved chasing big profit margins and unorthodox odds. Scorecast bets are about guessing the correct score and the first goalscorer of the game, while the Wincast bets are to do with selecting a certain player to score the first goal and his team to emerge as winners of that game.
Example: Bulgaria’s playing England at home in a World Cup qualifier match. You place £ 10 bet each on: 1. England to win with a score line of 2 – 0 and Wayne Rooney to score the first quarter, and 2. Rooney to score the first goal and England to just win. Following is how things pan out:
1. Rooney indeed opens the score line, however, no more goals are scored in the game. It’s only your Wincast bet that wins.
2. Rooney scores the first goal, however, Bulgaria fights back and causes a major 2 – 1 upset. You don’t win anything.

Team to score the last, second or first
These are other important football betting markets related to the goals scored. You are free to place your bet on any team you expect to score the first and last goal of the game, prior to the start of the game. Once the first goal has come in, you get into the live betting mode and bet on any of the teams to score the next goal.
Example: Croatia is visiting Switzerland to play a World Cup qualifier and the home side is handed 6/4 odds to score the first goal. In this case, the file score line would be completely meaningless for you as your bet would be settled by the first goal itself.