A Detailed Guide on Various Football Bets

About Ante Post or Outright Betting

A major advantage of placing outright or ante post bets on the Internet is that you’re not required to keep your ticket unscratched! Everything is done the digital way! Let’s say you bet on England to win the Football World Cup in the year 2018. You quickly place a bet at your favourite online bookmaker and then don’t worry about where to keep the receipt safely. Following are some of the commonly placed outright football bets:

Cup/Championship winner
You can guess the winners of a particular Cup or League championship. As expected, the odds will get shorter as the tournament progresses.

Wooden spoon winners/Relegation
There will always be winners and losers in the game of football. If you fancy a certain team to go down pretty badly, no one’s stopping you from taking advantage of the situation and placing a bet on the expected loser.

Group Exacta or Quinella
If you’re aware of the rules applicable to some of the top club competitions of Europe, you’d know that the teams are placed in groups of 4, with the top 2 teams progressing to the next stage of the tournament and the bottom 2 getting eliminated. When we talk about Quinella bets, you’re essentially betting on the top 2 teams in no specific order, while in an Exacta bet, the bet remains the same as the Quinella bet, but you also need to predict the order.

Top scorer
There is nothing denying the fact that strikers always get maximum attention compared to their colleagues. Even the media focuses very heavily on them and you’ll find their jerseys sell like hotcakes in the merchandise shops! So what’s wrong in backing your favourite striker to bag the Golden Boot in the upcoming Premier League? This is what top scorer bets are all about.

Trophies for club
Are you confident that Leicester City has in them to win the upcoming Premier League? Isn’t it high time that Newcastle must end their Trophy chase by repeating their 1955 victory? You can find many interesting Trophy combinations for your team on the Internet, at attractive odds.

Goals for a player
So when Chelsea took Fernando Torres on board for £ 50 million back in the year 2011, no one had expected it to be the kind of epic failure that it turned out to be. The Spaniard scored only 20 PL goals during his entire 3 ½ year stint with The Blues. Do you have it in you to make a fair guess about the next similar big-money flop in the Premier league? If yes you can place a bet on that player at Bet365, wherein you can avail extensive preseason markets for some players to score in the next league season.

Next manager/Sacked managers
You’ll hardly ever witness lengthy spells for the Premier League managers, unlike Sir Alex Ferguson and Arsene Wenger. Majority of clubs have a habit of sacking bosses every now and then. Some popular online bookmakers such as Bet365 provide you with an opportunity to place bets on which manager will be sacked next!

Player to sign up with a club
Bet365 is one popular bookmaker that provides odds on some of the most anticipated club deals for the next transfer window. If you’re sure that your favourite club is going all out to sign up some hotshot striker, you can place a bet on that probability. Many a times, fans check the odds related to such events, only to gauge the chances of such signups.