A Detailed Guide on Various Football Bets

About Halves in Football Betting

Full-time / half-time full-time / half-time combinations – These are very exciting bets and when you combine them with other bets, they can add immense value to your picks. In these types of bets, you are basically betting on the match result at full-time and half-time. A total of 9 different betting combinations can be indulged in.
Example: MU is up against Chelsea and everyone expects it to be a tight game. We expect it to be a 0 – 0 affair at half-time, but Chelsea to get into lead during the second half. The provided odds for Chelsea victory are 8/15. The odds for Chelsea to win the second half are 3/1 and the odds for a draw at half-time are also 3/1. So you can combine the last 2 bets and obtain a better value.

Highest scoring half result – It’s a fairly simple bet wherein you bet on which half of the game will have the maximum goals. It’s an excellent bet if either of the teams has a track record of scoring large number of goals late in the game or if either of them is well known for conceding goals during the final minutes.
Example: In the Chelsea and Manchester United game that we discussed above, we bet on the first half to feature more number of goals at 2/1, second half is being offered at 1/1 and 5/2 are the odds provided on both halves to have an equal number of goals.
Many people get attracted to the FT/HT market owing to the fact that the offered returns for correct guesses are sometimes too good to be avoided. You can score highest returns in the matches that are expected to swing from one extreme to the other, for instance, home team to be ahead at half-time and visitors emerging victorious in the end.

To win either half – It’s another interesting football betting market wherein 45-minute game periods are considered separately.
Example: Liverpool is up against Arsenal in the FA Cup and you expect the former to win either of the halves at odds of 11/10. Turns out that it’s Arsenal’s afternoon instead and they manage to score 4 goals against Liverpool in the first half itself. The possibility of a draw is practically settled, however, how away sides normally get last-minute consolation goals is a pretty interesting probability to look at. It may not make a huge difference to Liverpool, but can be very profitable for us, making the second-half score 1 – 0 in favour of Liverpool and your bet becoming a winning one!

To score or not to score - As is evident from the name of this bet, it’s about the possibility of a team scoring a goal at any point of the game. Please note that the extra time doesn’t count in such bets. Other commonly known variations of this bet are full time/half-time correct score and half-time correct score. It’s fairly difficult to predict the full-time/half-time score and hence the odds are set accordingly.