A Detailed Guide on Various Football Bets

About Over Under Football Bets

The totals or over/under football betting market is seriously considered to be among the main betting markets in this sport. Yet, there are so many indistinguishable characteristics of these bets that they deserve separate mentions. If you prefer betting online, you may find totals bets offered on almost all the calculable statistics.

Quite obviously, goals attract the maximum attention among all types of over/under football bets. Normally, 2.5 is employed as a condition for defining a high-scoring and a low scoring football game. Bookmakers normally never limit the punters’ choices, and you can always find some alternative betting options on the Internet, starting with the 0.5 clause. The best thing with these bets is that no matter which team goes on an attacking spree you’re always rooting for a goal to be scored.
Example: The North London Derbies are quite popular for the amazing score lines they deliver on a regular basis. If you study their statistics, you’d see multiple 5-1, 5-4 and 5-2 score lines over the years. Hence, looking at the average number of goals scored in their matches, you place a bet on the over 4.5 goals market. What you get is another major classic, wherein gunners score a 3 – 2 win. You also win your bet as a total of 5 goals are scored in the match.

There may be some occasional games wherein you feel that nothing is happening on the pitch. None of the teams show any desire for scoring and the game seems to be heading towards a boring goalless draw. No matter how boring such games may seem, they serve as an excellent opportunity to bet on the ‘under’ on the cards shown. Please keep in mind that every bookmaker allocates different points to the red and yellow cards, hence it’d be better for you to check that in advance.
Example: We’ve a gut feeling that an upcoming Sunday match between Sunderland and Newcastle is going to be a bookings bloodbath. It isn’t surprising when Newcastle is handed a straight red and 7 yellow cards. Sunderland on the other hand are given only 5 official warnings. If every yellow card has 1 point associated with it and 3 points are allocated to a red card, the total number of card points work out to 15 for that game. Hence, all the over 15.5 predictions are going to be on the losing side and any bet that was placed on a lower value would win.

This is another way in which you can place over/under football bets. You can wager money on the visiting team, the home side or both of them. Please keep in mind that it’s important for a corner kick to be taken in order for these bets to come into play.
Example: We carry out some analysis and figure that Wigan and Blackpool are both attacking sides and hence any football match played between these two teams will witness several corner kicks. We place a £ 10 bet on the over 10.5 corners market and closely follow the action.
8 corners have already been taken in the first half which is a very encouraging sign! What’s great about placing bets on corners is that either side can be handed 3 corners successively, one after the other. This is exactly what happens in this match and we end up winning the bet!

These over/under bets are about whether the number of corners/cards/goals in a football game will be an odd or an even number. This is quite similar to a coin toss, but many punters view some sort of pattern in the figures.
Example: We place a bet that the Fulham – Cardiff match is going to result in odd number of goals. With the score line reading 2 – 1 post the first half, we are fairly confident about our decision. However, even one goal can change things, making our bet a loser.