A Detailed Guide on Various Football Bets

About Special Football Bets

Several popular UK bookmakers such as Bet365, Ladbrokes, Paddy Power etc. are well-known in gambling circles for offering some of the weirdest bets on football games! However, it’s not just them, many other UK bookmakers may also provide you with special options related to football bets. We’ve worked out a teaser and will tell you about some of the most popular ones among them. You may have to check the bookmaker’s website to get the actual picture though.

Winning margin
As it is evident from the name, this type of special bet involves guessing the winning margin of a particular football game, no matter which side wins the game. You can even avail the option of a draw or the game to end as a goalless draw!
Example: Let’s say we place a wager that the winning margin between the Sunderland and Manchester City game would be 2 goals. Hence the results that may deliver us a win could be either team winning with a score line of 4 – 2, 3 – 1, 2 – 0, 5 – 3 etc.

Results minute markets
Majority of bookmakers provide their customers with betting markets for a certain specific portion of the football game, let’s say 10 minutes. You can bet if a goal will be scored in that interval or not. Will there be over 6.5 corners taken in a certain time frame of the game? Will a player get booked exactly between 75:00 and 79:59 of the game? The precise predictions you can bet on are unlimited.

Penalty, missed penalty
The penalties scored, taken or awarded are normally a subject of heated discussion post the football games. Why was the penalty awarded in the first place? Did the foul actually occur inside the box? What are the chances of England winning a shootout in the next World Cup? You can easily place bets on spot kicks missed, scored or awarded on the Internet. Whenever there is a shootout, you can also predict if the next taker will stay calm enough to score or not?

Red card yes/no
We’re all aware that some footballers are way more passionate about the sport compared to others and are also booked fairly often. It doesn’t imply that they always play dirty. Many just take off their shirts instinctively in celebration and get booked as a result; others may simply be unaware when to keep their mouths shut; some players simply forget to get back on the pitch in time. No matter how they get shown, two yellow cards always mean a red. Therefore, football matches that feature many such hot-headed players are always good to bet on ‘Yes’ in the red card football betting market.

Other special bets
The list is actually endless when it comes to special bets. You can bet on anything like Luis Suarez biting someone, a team coming back from behind and winning the game etc. In fact, browse the special betting market at any bookmaker and you’ll be surprised with what all you can bet on!